When Boys Over Flowers (2009), the most popular of Lee Min-Ho’s dramas, featured the Korean star in all his glory with his trademark dimples and the carefree swagger of a chaebol heir, every girl watching the show instinctively knew he was gone. . While the show has since been called out for its problematic representation of abusive relationships, it served as the world’s first famous introduction to the many wonders of Lee Min-Ho. In the decade since, he has cemented his role as one of the pioneers of the Hallyu wave that has taken the world by storm. Below are all the Lee Min-ho dramas and movies that will make you fall in love with him all over again:

Boys Over Flowers (2009)

The drama unfolds in the hallowed halls of Shin Hwa High school when a down-on-his-luck girl crosses swords with Lee’s Go JunPyo, the leader of F4, or the four richest boys. Based on the Japanese manga series of the same name, this popular K-drama is widely considered a must-see for newcomers to the genre and one of the main proponents of the Hallyu wave.

Personal Taste (2010)

Before she stole hearts with her performance in Crash Landing On You (2020), Son YeJin was just another furniture designer forced to live in the same house as Lee on the assumption that he’s gay—as one does when they’re in a romcom— land. During nightly runs of sanitary napkins to the pharmacy and fragrant bubble baths, these unlikely lovers find their own happy ending.

City Hunter (2011)

After his romcom success, Lee does a 180-degree turn in this action-drama, where he takes on the role of an IT expert trained intensively in combat to exact revenge on the corrupt officials responsible for his father’s death. With the help of a dashing young bodyguard (Park MinYoung), the citizens will witness him carry out his own definition of justice, leading them to dub him the ‘City Hunter’.

The Heirs (2013)

Fans looking to fill the Boys Over Flowers-shaped hole in their hearts didn’t have to wait too long as Lee returned to the genre with another high school trip following the story of each girl’s lives, friendships and rivalries. of the school’s most elite chaebol heirs.

Line Romance (2014)

There’s no questioning the Lee-mania that has the Hallyu wave firmly in its grip, but this miniseries would be a reminder that it broke the $20 million mark in three episodes in this story of a music producer who faces a creative block and a chance encounter with a Chinese tourist , which will help him find inspiration again.

Gangnam Blues (2015)

Once you’ve worked your way through all of Lee’s dramas, you’ll want to turn your attention to his short but impressive portfolio of K-movies. Prominent on the list is this tale of two childhood friends whose bond is put to the test against the backdrop of the socio-politically ravaged Gangnam of 1970s Seoul.

Legend of the Blue Sea (2016)

You come for the mystical romance, you stay for Lee’s elevated street style. Over the course of several millennia, watch as he falls in love with a mermaid and tries to protect her at all costs – all while rocking fuzzy neon sweaters and icy pink coats.

Bounty Hunters (2016)

Chaos ensues when a pair of floundering investigators find themselves prime suspects in a terrorist bombing. On the run from a rival group of bounty hunters, you’ll see Lee team up with a domineering heiress who has her own anti-terrorist agenda.

The King: Eternal Monarch (2020)

When an unpredictable pandemic turned the world indoors, we turned to K-dramas to escape. The latter was available in Lee’s interdimensional drama, which is credited among the titles that quadruple the consumption of Korean content across Asia. So reach for the nearest tub of buttered popcorn and follow the story of this aristocratic king of Korea who crosses paths with a wild police detective when a mysterious portal opens to a parallel world.

Pachinko (2022)

Supporting Apple TV’s quest for prestige television dominance, this film adaptation of the epic historical novel of the same name follows the lives of a destitute Korean family forced to emigrate to Japan, and today ranks among Lee’s best performances of his career.

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