Brain Works” is only going to get more captivating, and here’s why!

KBS 2TV’s “Brain Works” is a brain science comedy-mystery drama about two men who can’t stand each other but must work together to solve a crime involving a rare brain disease. CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa plays Shin Ha Ru, a brain scientist who has a very “extraordinary brain” that has everything but humanity. Cha Tae Hyun plays Geum Myung Se, a very kind and considerate detective with an “altruistic brain”.

“Brain Works” got off to a good start, debuting at No. 1 in its time slot with a national average of 5.2 percent. On Wavve, the drama’s premiere ranked third and ranked first in real-time searches, proving its growing popularity. A bromance-filled comedy-mystery drama, “Brain Works” will captivate you with its hilarious moments while keeping you on the edge of your seat with compelling crime cases.

But if you’re still not convinced, below are three reasons why the drama will keep you glued to the screen!


1. Passionate performances and unique characters

In “Brain Works”, there are nine unique characters with different special brains. Jung Yong Hwa is already receiving favorable reviews for his realistic portrayal of the rational and sharp Shin Ha Ru, someone with an “extraordinary brain” who turns him into a self-absorbed narcissist. The entertainment is provided by Cha Tae Hyun with his character Geum Myung Se, a detective with an “altruistic brain” who selflessly accepts ridiculous requests from others and still cares about the most trivial things about the people around him, even when he is alone. in crisis. Kwak Sun Young and Ye Ji get the drama quality with their stellar performances as Seol So Jung, a forensic hypnosis investigator with a timid brain, and Kim Mo Ran, Geum Myung Se’s ex-wife with a brain overpowered by an excess of sexual desire, respectively. In addition, veteran actors Jung Dong Hwan, Woo Hyun, Kim Soo Jin, and Im Chul Hyung portray their characters with extreme detail and so vividly that the drama feels alive and real.

2. Fresh and powerful narratives that deal with the brain

As a brain science drama, “Brain Works” presents interesting facts about the brain and rare brain-related diseases that viewers may not have known before and naturally weaves them into the story. From pointing out the link between brain capacity and wise decisions, to introducing Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome (an uncommon type of memory disorder) and speech loss, the drama presents completely fresh stories that easily engage the audience. As in the first two installments, where the characters used innovative methods to catch the real villain, viewers can certainly expect more exciting cases and unexpected solutions moving forward.

3. Jung Yong Hwa and Cha Tae Hyun’s hilarious banter

The bickering “crazy” chemistry between Jung Yong Hwa, who shows an unconventional acting transformation through this drama, and comic acting master Cha Tae Hyun will grab the attention of viewers. Even though Shin Ha Ru and Geum Myung Se have been going head-to-head from the start, and even though their relationship is built on rocky foundations, they still subtly help each other whenever the other is in danger. The drama is not taken too seriously and the fun will be in watching the more hilarious interactions as they begin to work closely together.

The production team noted, “We would like to thank viewers for their enthusiastic response to the first episode of ‘Brain Works,’” and added, “Please look forward to the chemistry between Jung Yong Hwa and Cha Tae Hyun when they start working together, Kwak Sun Young’s surprising 180-degree transformation and more exciting stories in Episodes 3 and 4.”

“Brain Works” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9:50 p.m. KST!

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