The premiere of the new fantasy drama “Island” is fast approaching, so we are here to tell you three important points to watch out for when the drama airs!

Based on the hit movie of the same name, “Island” is a fantasy drama about a dark secret hidden on the beautiful island of Jeju – and the people who are destined to fight against the evil forces that seek to destroy the world.

1. The rebirth of a legendary webtoon

Based on a fresh and exciting webtoon story that you won’t find anywhere else, “Island” reinterprets the legends and stories of the beautiful Jeju Island.

“Island” is a manhwa (Korean comic book) created by legendary writing duo Yoon In Wan and Yang Kyun Il, who adapted the story into a web movie 19 years after its first release in 1997. was serialized on Naver Webtoon.

Kim Nam Gil, ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo, and Lee Da Hee are expected to deliver spectacular performances and strive to reproduce 100 percent of the original energy and chemistry between the characters in the webtoon. In addition, director Bae Jong, who worked on the hugely popular movie “Welcome to Dongmakgol” and the thriller “Fabricated City,” is expected to bring his talents to the set of “Island” to make it even more entertaining. and immersive story.

2. The story of the thrilling fight with a monster on the mysterious Jeju Island

Director Bae Jong takes on his first-ever series with “Iceland.” In this story, which depicts an intense and suspenseful conflict with a monster on Jeju Island, director Bae Jong is expected to bring a fresh perspective that will be interesting while immersing the audience in the overall story.

The director chose Jeju Island as the thing that really sets “the island” apart from other dramas and movies. “The energy and scenery of Jeju mixed with [the story’s] monster creates a very special atmosphere. By adding the mystery of Jeju Island to the very strong and evocative side of the original work, it adds a very oriental but also mythological feel.”

He describes the unique energy of “the island” as something that comes from the collision of things that never seem to fit together well: present and past, city and nature, monster and man. None of them seem like they should fit, but on “The Island” they come together to create a very interesting and compelling story.

“When we pay attention to the duality, I think it’s going to be an even more fun experience,” he said.

3. The chemistry between actors Kim Nam Gil, Lee Da Hee, and Cha Eun Woo

At the center of the “island” is Kim Nam Gil, who has been protecting the world from evil for thousands of years. He plays Pan, an immortal being who is human, but also not quite human, and faces a very unfortunate fate.

Lee Da Hee plays Won Mi Ho, a teacher and part of the third generation of a chaebol family. She comes to Jeju Island to practice self-discipline, not knowing what fate has in store for her. When she is attacked by an island monster, she has a fateful encounter with Pan, a moment that will act as a catalyst for the rest of their story.

Cha Eun Woo takes on the role of the world’s youngest exorcist named John, who travels to Jeju to fulfill what he believes to be the calling of the gods. So he gets involved with Pan and Won Mi Ho and is expected to perform all types of fantastic action sequences that you won’t find anywhere else.

“Island” premieres on December 30. Watch Trailer Of “Island” Here!

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