The turn of the year means the return of Run BTS Special Episodes. They have been released sporadically since the band was announced to be on hiatus in June of last year. Between solo releases, appearances on Korean variety shows, and other activities, the popular show served as a respite for fans to watch the group participate in games for fun.

On January 3, 2023, the first Run BTS special episode of the year titled Next Top Genius Part 1 was released, in which the members ate pizza sent to them by chef Paik Jung-won, played a unique card game, and wore adorable cat ears. liar detection game.

Jung Kook teasing V, j-hope’s confusion at game rules and more funny moments from the 2023 Run BTS Special episode

1) Jung Kook, in charge of provoking his hyungs, and V, his victim

All the BTS members were excited to eat food sent to them by their friend Chef Paik during the special episode of Run BTS. However, when V found out they had pizza, he was visibly upset. The Singularity singer has announced that he is on a diet. He even asked which pizza had the fewest calories so he could take a bite. Jung Kook decides not to eat pizza either, saying that he will start a diet that day.

The duo sat next to each other with their eyes closed and the maknae decided to tease V by holding a pizza right under his nostrils. Tae-hyung opened his eyes after the aroma of the slice reached him, both amused and annoyed by Jung Kook’s antics.

Jin offered the crust from the slice he had finished to V and teased him further while Jung Kook expressed surprise at the eldest’s habit of keeping the best part of the pizza.

2) A random pizza mukbang show with Jimin ft. j-hope asking for sauce

Upon discovering the pizza, Jimin’s first instinct was to demonstrate how a mukbang should be done, stating that the other members were not well versed in the technique of displaying food on camera. Placing one hand behind the food makes it easier for cameras to focus on the pizza.

Amidst the chaos of this special episode of Run BTS, j-hope remembered the sauces accompanying the pizzas and said that they are also important for the taste. Jimin immediately resumed his makeshift mukbang show, this time with a container of sauce before j-hope reminded him to put the sauce he was playing with. Embarrassed, Jimin awkwardly handed the sauce to j-hope, saying he wanted to do a proper mukbang show, with the head choreographer saying he was good at it.

3) j-hope representing ARMYs who can’t figure out Run BTS game rules in one go

This special episode of Run BTS showed fans how related BTS members are despite their status as world-famous idols. During the first game that involved cards, the rules were quickly displayed on the screen, and most viewers who saw it for the first time were left confused and unable to figure out the goal of the game.

j-hope, it turns out, was just as lost as the fans. Leader RM again detailed the rules for the benefit of the members and the audience. It was also mentioned by the editors, who realized the problems faced by fans trying to understand the complex rules of the games played during the variety show.

During the second game of the Run BTS special episode, Jimin called out j-hope for not understanding the rules again, while rapper Arson’s dancing cat ears and confused expressions gave him away. The rapper continued to read the rules slowly as RM formulated his questions about the game, which Jimin explained, erasing any doubts.

4) j-hope’s penchant for cleanliness making him lose the Liar game

During the Liar game, two members (liars) were given no questions while the others were, and all had to answer O for yes and X for no. Based on the answers, members were given three chances to eliminate the liars.

The first statement was “A shower once a week is enough,” and j-hope immediately realized his folly in choosing yes. All members unanimously voted for him. The MORE rapper is known to emphasize neatness, and Jimin even said that a person (j-hope) who showers twice a day can’t be okay with one shower a week.

The special episode of Run BTS 2023 showed how well Blood, Sweat & Tears knows each other, with cat ears adding an adorable twist to Liar.

5) Jung Kook can’t lie during games

In the next iteration of Liar where the statement “I dance when I’m sad” was revealed, Jimin was voted out when he chose Yes and failed to convince the members while his dancing cat ears stole the show. Jung Kook chose No as an answer and would have been beyond suspicion if he had time to answer RM’s question before revealing the statement.

When the leader asked Jung Kook why he chose No, the youngest answered honestly, “Just.” His vagueness and inability to properly apologize for his choice to the other members sealed his fate in the thrilling conclusion of this special episode of Run BTS. However, his smiling reaction when he was caught had everyone laughing as he explained that he had misjudged the question when he said he had no particular reason to choose No.

While the two games from the first episode of Next Top Genius are sure to make fans laugh, the second episode of the Run BTS special episode has plenty of curiosity. It is hoped that more cheats will emerge as the BTS members become more competitive and their closeness during the games will help them discover their weaknesses.

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