BTS’ RM recently revealed the track list for his upcoming solo album Indigo. The album boasts great collaborators, both artists and producers. Unlike bandmate j-hope, whose solo album Jack in the Box featured no other artists, RM’s album features industry enthusiasts on eight of the ten songs.

Rapper Reflection has previously mentioned that he will be working with artists he admires on the album, with rumors suggesting he would be working with Cherry Filter and Pharrell Williams. The list of performing artists includes long-awaited partnerships (BTS X Epik High) and unexpected names (Erykah Badu and Mahalia) that surprised and delighted fans.

Introducing the featured artists who worked with BTS’ RM on Indigo

1) Erykah Badu

Often referred to as the “Queen of Neo Soul,” Erykah Badu released her first album, Baduizm, in 1997 and immediately spearheaded an emerging genre of music with R&B, soul, and hip-hop influences. The album spawned her best-known single to date, On & On, which won her the award for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance at the 1998 Grammy Awards.

While Badu’s singing is seductive, her rapping vocals are sharp. As a result, Yun’s collaborative single will be a unique blend with BTS’s RM, delivering a lasting message enhanced by his baritone.

2) Anderson .Paak

Anderson .Paak may be best known for being part of Silk Sonic (with Bruno Mars), the duo that famously released Leave the Door Open. However, his career graph is much more varied and extensive.

Although he debuted years ago, Anderson .Paak’s collaboration with Dr. Dre on his 2015 album Compton gave his career a boost, eventually leading to his first Grammy win in 2019 for Bubblin’. Known for his tendency to walk the line between R&B and rap, Anderson .Paak is sure to create magic with RM BTS on Indigo’s second track Still Life.

3) Tablo (Epik High)

Perhaps the most anticipated collaborator on the album, Tablo is the leader of one of Epik High, one of the pioneers of South Korea’s emerging hip-hop scene. As part of a hip-hop group and as a solo artist, the rapper has been able to create a body of work that encompasses all of his inspirations, drawing from music, poetry, literature, and his own experiences.

From Epik High’s Fly (which RM sang during BTS In The Soop Season 2) to his solo album Fever’s End, Tablo’s approach to music and lyrics is intelligent yet restrained. As a result, his All Day with BTS’ RM is highly anticipated.

4) Kim Sa-wol

Korean singer-songwriter Kim Sa-wol first rose to fame with her joint album with Kim Hae-won in 2014 and has since been a solo artist. In the 2018 film Romance, she dealt with the unsurpassed aspects of love and life.

Additionally, her 2020 full-length Heaven saw her stray from her folk music roots to explore R&B and blues with an intense desire fueled despite the pain. Although the collaboration between Kim Sa-wol and BTS’ RM is slightly surprising, Forg_tful is sure to be a treat for the ears and the heart.

5) Paul Blanco

Korean-Canadian rapper Paul Blanco became popular after his collaborative tracks with ASH ISLAND, CHANGMO and UNEDUCATED KID in 2018. However, his hip-hop and production skills speak for themselves.

His 2022 EP PROMISED LAND is an experimental work. Here, he uses his multiple talents to create a sound that’s chaotic in theory but smooth in Rust’s execution, as he moves into his classic lyrical hip-hop that captivates listeners. His feature with BTS’ RM only brightens the latter’s album.

6) Mahalia

British-Jamaican singer Mahalia also appears on Closer with Paul Blanc. Drawing inspiration from old school R&B from the late 90s and early 2000s, the singer won Best Female Act and Best R&B/Soul Act at the 2020 MOBO Awards.

She manages to keep her music fresh and current and is known to be genuine and vulnerable with her fans as well. 2019’s LOVE AND COMPROMISE brought her commercial success and cemented her reputation as someone with stellar vocals and a distinctive sound. Additionally, her collaboration with BTS’ RM will only enhance her vocal qualities on his upcoming album.

7) Colde

Although he previously debuted as a duo called offonoff, the Korean singer-songwriter found mainstream success in 2018 with his single Your Dog Loves You (featuring Crush).

As an independent musician, he doesn’t limit himself to a certain genre, instead sliding between R&B, rap, lo-fi, and hip-hop with relative ease, leading to many questions about Hectic’s genre with RM BTS. The song Indigo is something to watch out for, combining Colde’s honey vocals and the moonchild rapper’s deeper rap in an unexpected way.

8) Youjeen

The lead singer of the Korean rock band Cherry Filter, Youjeen had a brief career in the Japanese music industry before returning to Korea. After her debut in 1997, Cherry Filter made her mark with Made in Korea’s 낭만 그리 (Romantic Cat).

The band’s music defined an entire generation of 90s-born kids who grew up with it and remained relevant despite not releasing an album for a long time. Youjeen teamed up with BTS’ RM on Wild Flower, said to reflect the flowers one might see while walking during autumn.

9) Park Ji-yoon

Perhaps best known for her 2000 song Coming of age from the album of the same name, Park Ji-yoon has evolved a lot since then. The song established an image that may have cemented her in the minds of the Korean public, but she lost touch with who she wanted to become.

After her departure from JYP Entertainment, Park Ji-yoon wished to explore herself artistically. Her albums released after that have her creative input on the experiences of young people in their twenties. While it’s unclear what her collaboration with BTS’ RM will sound like, it will show a different side to both the rapper and Ji-yoon.

BTS’ RM’s solo debut full-length album created a lot of buzz among fans, and the list of collaborators was the icing on the cake. The 28-year-old rapper, who promised it was the “ultimate archive” of his twenties, has been working on Indigo for some time now, distilling his experiences from 2019-2022 into ten tracks. The album is scheduled for release on December 2, 2022.

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