Zhang Ping is a poor scholar who wanders the streets and uses his noodle pulling skills to make a living. He has a goofy nature and likes to get involved in government cases. Using his keen observational skills and out-of-the-box thinking, he understands the unique points of each case. Because of his reclusive nature, he is not popular with others.

Lan Jue, Minister of Ceremonies, is constantly embroiled in the court’s political disputes. She has a graceful and elegant appearance and seems to lead a quiet life, but in fact hides a history unknown to many.

While traveling to the capital for the national exams, Ping unknowingly becomes involved in Jue’s covert operation. Using clever reasoning, Ping solves the case and disrupts Jue’s plan. While saving Jue’s life, Ping discovers Jue’s secret.
From now on, the pair, despite their unequal status and incompatible ideals, become close friends. Together they will face difficult cases and life and death situations. With Jue’s recommendations, Ping transforms from a poor scholar to a minister at Dali’s temple, solving cases and handling court matters while distinguishing himself as a brilliant detective.


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