“Meet Me in Your Sound” is a period romantic drama directed by He Honghui (“And the winner is love”) and Liang Wenyi (“Dragon Day, You’re Dead”) with Kiki Xu (“The Legend of Yun Xi”)”, Wei Zheming (“The Word of Honor”), Wu Xize (“1921”) and Zhang Yue (“Nothing But Thirty”), with special appearances by Huang Yuming (“The Word of Honor”), Lu Zhaohua (“Minning Town”) and Xu Fangzhou ( “Youth Be With You Season 1”). The young ruler Yun Mu (played by Wei Zheming) is known for his love of music, but no one knows that he has a shocking secret. When he goes to Yun Yao to recruit a musician, he accidentally discovers that something for him means because of the song of Su Ruofei (played by Xu Jiaqi), the owner of Green Light Music Workshop.So he planned to lure her to be his private musician, unaware of the fate of the two who have long been accompanied by magical light…


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