• Drama: First Love Is Mr. Durian
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 24
  • Genre:Comedy, romance, drama
  • Aired: Nov 19, 2022 – Dec 3, 2022
  • Aired On: Every day
  • Original Network: Tencent Video
  • Watch Link:Tencent Video (WeTV), Ake TV

The latest web drama, First Love is Mr. Durian, is set to air from Saturday, November 19, 2022. This 24-episode romantic comedy drama can be watched online through Tencent Video’s (WeTV) live video platform.

Drama series First Love Is Mr. Durian is an adaptation of a comic that tells the story of a romantic relationship between a “durian” young man who looks cold but has a soft heart and a girl who has been his girlfriend since college. Directed by Tao Zhi Qiang, this drama stars Jerry Yu Yi Jie and Wang Xin Ting.

It is undeniable that Jerry Yu Yi Jie’s name is becoming more and more famous in the realm of Chinese drama series due to his role as Wen Gu in “Unforgettable Love”, a hit drama that will air in mid-2021. Meanwhile, Wang Xin Ting just greeted her fans through the latest wuxia of the drama film ‘Peach Blossom Origin’.

First Love Is Mr. Durian Storyline

Yi Xiang Nuan (Wang Xin Ting) never thought that her decision to return to her hometown would instantly change her life. Shortly after stepping off the plane, Xiang Nuan was immediately forced into marriage by Su Chen (Jerry Yu Yi Jie), her college friend.

Although the incident forced Su Chen to break up with his girlfriend of three years without any news, his love never changed. Not even time could change the love of a ‘durian’ style young man who looks tough on the outside but has a soft heart for his lover.

Xiang Nuan believes that Su Chen only married her for revenge after she left without saying goodbye three years ago. But after they spent time together, she discovered that Su Chen had a true and deep love for her that he had buried for years.

Su Chen even accompanied Yi Xiang Nuan in the investigation of the case of her father’s death that was slowly revealed. Can this couple overcome their misunderstandings and build a new family full of love?

Cast of First Love Is Mr. Durian

  • Jerry Yu Yi Jie (Su Chen)
  • Wang Xin Ting (Yi Xiang Nuan)
  • Hua Wen (Jiang Xin Ran)
  • Wang Chao Yang (Ji Qian Mu)

First Love Is Mr. Durian Video Trailer:

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