Due to the death of her best friend, Xu Hong Dou’s life and work fell into depression. She went to the “wind yard” in Yun Miao Village in Dali to rest alone. There, he meets Xie Zhi Yao, a local who quit his high-paying job to return to his hometown to start a business, and a group of peers from big cities. Xie Zhi Yao began to perceive Xu Hong Dou’s kindness and seriousness and invited her to use her years of experience in the hotel industry to help local staff improve service awareness and help develop Yun Miao Village’s cultural tourism business. At the same time, Xu Hong Dou was moved by Xie Zhi Yao’s ideal of building a hometown so that the villagers could be strong and useful, and the two fell in love and eventually got together. As they all worked together, re-examining their pasts, helping and inspiring each other, they began to heal and gather strength to start over in this “windy place”.


Main Role

Support Role

  • Hu Bing Qing Lin Na
  • Niu Jun Feng Hu You Yu
  • Estelle Wu Granny Xie
  • Dong Qing Xie Xiao Chun
  • Fan Shuai Qi Huang Xin Xin
  • Ma Meng Wei Zhou Qing Tian
  • Zhao Zi Qi Bai Man Jun
  • Tu Song Yan Ma Qiu Shan

Trailer And Posters:

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