• Drama: Warm Meet You
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Nov 19, 2022 – Dec 4, 2022
  • Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Original Network: Mango TV

A romantic story between a down-on-his-luck girl and a young man with a strange disease is the latest Chinese drama series Warm Meet You. Set to start airing on Saturday, November 19, 2022, the 24-episode drama can be watched online via Mango TV’s live video platform.

Li Ge Yang and Qi Yu Chen have been lined up as the lead couple in this drama series directed by Chu De Jian. In addition, this drama also presents the love story of two other rather interesting couples of young people played by Xu Ke, Yu Cong, Gao Jun Jie and Wang Qian Guo.

According to the schedule, 14 episodes of Warm Meet You, or also known as ‘Nuan Nuan Met You’, will air in the first week from Saturday to Wednesday, 19-23. November 2022. After that, the remaining 10 episodes will air. every Saturday until Monday.

Warm Meet You Storyline

Zhao Nuan Nuan (Qi Yu Chen) is a comic book artist with excellent drawing skills who dreams of becoming a top artist through her original works. However, the university-educated painter always faced failure and described herself as an ‘unlucky’ girl.

Because of Nuan Nuan’s bad luck, he almost always messes up his work. Until one day after work, she accidentally met Gu Yi Chen (Li Ge Yang) through an argument.

Despite the bickering, Nuan Nuan soon realized that her bad luck had turned for the better when she was around Gu Yi Chen. To change the bad luck that has haunted her for 20 years, Nuan Nuan does not hesitate to transform into a man to get a full-time job as a cleaner in the CEO’s office.

On the other hand, few people know that Gu Yi Chen actually suffers from a unique disease, namely ‘allergy to the touch of the opposite sex’. And thanks to a random touch, the creepy CEO of Z Mobile Games realizes that Nuan Nuan is the only girl who doesn’t trigger allergies.

Therefore, Gu Yi Chen tried to convince Nuan Nuan to pretend to be his lover for a day in front of her parents.

Cast of Warm Meet You

  • Li Ge Yang (Gu Yi Chen)
  • Qi Yu Chen (Zhao Nuan Nuan)
  • Xu Ke (Sheng Qiao Nan)
  • Yu Cong (Fang Mi)
  • Gao Jun Jie (Zhao Ming Yang)

Warm Meet You Video Trailer

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