Chuu spoke personally regarding media reports of BlockBerryCreative’s action against her and LOONA members.

On February 2, Chuu took to her personal Instagram account to address the defamatory articles that were published. Read Chuu’s statement below:

Hello, this is Chuu.

It’s really tiring and really sad that I have to keep issuing statements about these situations.

Recently, defamatory articles based on false news seem to have gone too far. In December 2021, I didn’t even know the company called BY4M that well. It is unbearable that they are trying to entangle not only me but also the [LOONA] members in lies, so I will sort out my position and respond soon.

Earlier on February 1, the Korea Entertainment Management Association revealed that LOONA’s agency BlockBerryCreative filed a petition in December last year asking for the suspension of Chuu’s entertainment activities based on their claim that Chuu’s moves to sign a new contract with BY4M STUDIO in 2021 are “manipulation ” (act of preliminary contact before the end of the contractual period), by which the management contract was violated. BlockBerryCreative confirmed that they filed a petition against Chua and that they will also file a petition against HeeJin, Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry.

In November last year, BlockBerryCreative announced Chua’s removal from LOONA, citing “violent language and abuse of power” towards the employee. Chuu has since spoken out to personally deny the agency’s claims. On January 13, it was also announced that HeeJin, Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry won their lawsuits against their agency BlockBerryCreative and terminated their contracts.

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