On the morning of December 22nd, the first trial was held for Yang Hyun Suk, who was indicted for violating the Aggravated Punishment Act for specific crimes (threats). The court acquitted Yang Hyun Suk, citing the victim’s inconsistent statements and lack of direct evidence to prove that Yang Hyun Suk threatened the victim.

Yang Hyun Suk was accused of appeasing and threatening an informant who reported B.I’s drug allegations to the police in 2016 when he was investigated by the police for smoking marijuana with T.O.P. BIG BANG.

The court quoted, “It seems that Yang Hyun Suk tried to persuade and pressure the victim to reverse her statement, which deserves criticism.” However, they said the victim changed her statement several times and was believed to have acted in anticipation of compensation such as money, leading to a lack of credibility in her words.

According to the court, “Intimidation means threatening harm and preventing decision-making by instilling fear. If you acted in response to someone else’s request and expected some compensation from them, this cannot be considered a limitation of decision making. The victim, although she said she was scared, contacted [Yang Hyun Suk] in a friendly manner and volunteered to inform him of the situation after she reversed her statements and repeatedly smoked marijuana with the BIGBANG member. It’s hard to understand why she continued to provide drugs to a YG member. [Therefore] it is difficult to conclude that she felt fear to the extent that her freedom of decision was violated.”

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