“The Glory Part 2” Revealed New Character Posters and Trailer!

First released this December, “The Glory” is the latest project from successful writer Kim Eun Sook, which tells the story of a former victim of brutal school violence who vows revenge on her bullies after becoming a teacher at her child’s elementary school, who bullied. Song Hye Kyo plays the vengeful protagonist Moon Dong Eun while Lee Do Hyun plays the complicated male lead Joo Yeo Jeong.

The newly released posters for Part 2 feature Moon Dong Eun with each of the eight characters deeply connected to her. Among the characters in solidarity with Moon Dong Eun are Joo Yeo Jeong, Kang Hyeon Nam (Yeom Hye Ran) and Ha Do Yeong (Jung Sung Il). In each of the three posters, Moon Dong Eun is standing on the right side, facing them with either a warm look or a gentle smile.

Texts at the top of the middle of the posters that read “She’s my salvation,” “Happy that I started dreaming,” and “I hate to say I don’t know something, but I don’t know yet,” seem to describe the thoughts of Joo Yeo Jeong, Kang Hyun Nam, and Ha To Young regarding Moon Dong Eun.

On the other hand, Moon Dong Eun’s attitude and views towards the group of criminals consisting of Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon), Jeon Jae Joon (Park Sung Hoon), Lee Sa Ra (Kim Hieora), Choi Hye Jeong (Cha Joo Young) and Son Myeong Oh (Kim Geon Woo) are completely different. Moon Dong Eun looks down on them with her hands pressed to different parts of each character’s body.

Texts lined up in the middle of the posters read: “Your soul that laughed with joy at it all,” “Those sparkling eyes,” “The hand that mocked and broke others,” “The lips that laughed at the misfortunes of others,” and “The feet that were eager to cause pain to others’ seem to describe Moon Dong Eun’s feelings of resentment, anger and revenge towards the perpetrators who made her life miserable and made her spend her entire life scheming for her. revenge.

The trailer, which was released alongside the posters, opens with Park Yeon Jin saying without the slightest hint of guilt, “I didn’t do anything wrong, Dong Eun.” Her attitude infuriates Dong Eun even more, and Dong Eun foreshadows her vicious revenge that has just begun in earnest by saying, “Welcome Yeon Jin,” after Joo Yeo Jeong chillingly remarks, “I’ll show you hell, living in.”

Check out the full teaser below!

“The Glory Part 2” premieres on March 10. Stay tuned!

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