NCT 127 successfully concluded their ‘Neo City: The Link’ concerts in Seoul!

From October 22nd to 23rd, NCT 127 held their concert at the Seoul Olympic Stadium for the first time. Last December, NCT 127 kicked off their ‘Neo City: The Link’ tour with a three-night concert in Seoul, becoming the first artist to hold an offline concert at the Gocheok Sky Dome since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to their home tour, the band recently performed two special shows in the US in Los Angeles and Newark.

At a press conference before their concert on Sunday, the next day, the members talked about their determination to move forward as a group, as well as their excitement to hang out with NCTzen (NCT’s official fan club). Taeyong spoke, “Our team has really been waiting for this stage, and even though today is the last concert, I hope the fans won’t be saddened. Our tour will continue, and if fans from other regions are waiting for us, we will defect immediately.”

Here’s what members had to say:

Q: How do you feel about cheering being allowed back at concerts? 

Yuta:“I wanted to hear NCTzen’s voices a little more. Since today is the last concert, we will [perform] with no regrets, so I hope the fans will let us be heard.”

Q: How does it feel to achieve a new personal best for first-week sales with “2 Baddies,” and what records do you want to set in the future? 

Johnny: “Personally, I hope we become a team that goes up and I hope we can continue to develop. My goal is to reach number one, so we are a team that always tries to work hard. Our fans give us great encouragement, so we always work to create albums with a grateful mindset.”

Q: What kind of performances did you want to perform at this concert?

Doyoung:“Since the concert is being held at the iconic Olympic Stadium, we thought a lot about what kind of performance to perform and thought we’d like to perform a lot of units. And most importantly, since this is our first concert in three years and nine months where cheering has been allowed, we’ve added a lot of opportunities.”

Q: Was it physically difficult For Mark and Haechan to perform at the Seoul Olympic Concert for the second time?

Mark: “Since this is the first time we’ve performed in a stadium with this concert [“Neo City: The Link”], I think my mind has completely separated the two concerts. We were able to wrap up the members well. I think it is a grateful event. Physically… How was it, Haechan?”

Q: Is there any place you would like to perform in the future after having concerts in such big venues?

Taeyong:“There are so many. We are [currently] promoting in Korea, Japan, and the United States, and while promoting in the United States, we discussed that we would like to perform at an even bigger venue than an arena. It would be a pleasure for us to perform at more a bigger concert with NCTzen.”

Q: Is there pressure when performing in a stadium and what is your next goal?

Yuta:“I’m not sure what the other members thought, but I just felt a burden. Since it’s such a big place in Korea, I was wondering how many of these opportunities will be available in the future, so I’m still a little nervous. I’m still wondering now if the fans will enjoy it, but I think we should enjoy the moment now.”

Q: Was the preparation for the concert physically demanding and were there any fun moments during the preparation for the concert?

Doyoung:“Even though we felt the weight of preparation in a short period of time, we were able to do it thanks to the staff supporting us by our sides. They worked tirelessly without sleep and I think we put in so much effort as well.”

At NCT 127’s concert, they started the concert with a bang as they performed “Kick It” with explosions that matched their explosive energy. Taeil said confidently, “We’ll make you think it was a good decision to become NCTzen. The group continued to perform their hit cover tracks including “LIMITLESS”, “Favorite (Vampire)”, “Sticker”, “Superhuman”, “Cherry Bomb” and their latest title track “2 Baddies

As the concert began, Taeyong shared, “It’s been over three and a half years since we heard your scream, so I realize again how valuable your encouragement is. It’s so nice and I’m grateful to see you in the open again.” Jaehyun cheerfully joked, “What was yesterday? I’m only living for today.”

The concert was all the more special because the members played on new stages for the first time. Doyoung, Jaehyun, and Jungwoo gave a sexy performance of “Can We Go Back,” prompting Mark to comment, “I was watching DoJaeJung’s performance and you went down to the floor… You guys went down slowly.” When NCTzen asked the trio to perform this she performed the move again, Doyoung replied, “It’s sexy when we don’t show you people.”

In addition to Jungwoo’s “Lipstick,” Jaehyun performed “Lost,” Doyoung sang “The Reason Why It’s Favorite,” and Yuta performed “Butterfly” for the first time in concert.

NCT 127 will head to Jakarta, Indonesia for the ‘Neo City: The Link’ concerts on the 4th-5th. November and to Bangkok, Thailand on 3-5 december

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