All his life, Duan Yu Cheng (Wang An Yu) had only one dream: to become a world-class high jumper. Unfortunately, his height made this dream nearly impossible. Or he would be if it were another athlete. Yu Cheng is a spirited young man and refuses to let his limitations get in the way of his dreams.

Realizing that he needs professional guidance, Yu Cheng hopes to enlist the help of experienced athletic assistant Luo Na (Jin Chen). With plans to enroll at the university where Luo Na trains, Yu Cheng hopes to earn a spot on Luo Na’s team and use her expertise to make his dreams of high jumping come true. But following your dreams takes more than a plan, it takes courage and determination that few have.

Despite a series of challenges and setbacks, Yu Cheng refuses to give up. With the support of Luo Na and his teammates, does Yu Cheng have what it takes to turn his lifelong dreams into reality?

“Falling Into You” is adapted from the novel “Blazing Trail” by Twentine, “Falling Into You” is a 2022 Chinese romantic sports drama film directed by Yi Zheng.


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