On December 15th, upcoming tvN drama “Missing: The Other Side 2” held an online press conference with director Min Yeon Hong and cast members Go Soo, Heo Joon Ho, Ahn So Hee, Ha Jun, Lee Jung Eun, and Kim Dong Hwi. .

Missing: The Other Side is a mystery fantasy drama about a village inhabited by the souls of people who went missing while they were alive. After two years, the series returns for a second season with Go Soo, Heo Joon Ho, Ahn So Hee and others reprising their roles.

At the press conference, director Min Yeon Hong first broke the tension by joking, “If I can, [I want] to clear up a cute misunderstanding about the first season: our drama is actually a warm drama. He then continued, “In Season 1, Heo Joon Ho left a strong impression with his charisma in his first scene, leaving viewers wondering, ‘Is this a scary drama?’ “I don’t think I can watch it because it’s too scary.” However, when the truth was revealed, many realized that it was a nice and heart-wrenching drama. I want to present Season 2 as a mystery fantasy drama that will bring you warmth and laughter.”

Entering the new season, Lee Jung Eun and Kim Dong Hwi shared their thoughts. Lee Jung Eun said, “I was a big fan of the first season. So when I met the director after receiving the offer, I was so immersed in listening to him explain the project that I immediately decided [to join] on the spot.”

Similarly, Kim Dong Hwi shared that he is also a big fan of “Missing: The Other Side” and immediately said yes to the audition offer because he wanted to do it no matter what. “I watched season 1 avidly on TV and wished I could play even a small part in season 2. [Fortunately] I was able to join the cast because the directors looked at me positively.”

Returning cast members Ha Jun and Go Soo also shared how happy they were to be back. Ha Jun commented that he felt like he was returning to his hometown, while Go Soo said that he was actually more comfortable filming Season 2 than Season 1. Hearing this, Heo Joon Ho commented, “Go Soo is actually a really quiet guy. But we got really close on set and now he lovingly beats me all the time.”

Regarding her chemistry with Heo Joon Ho, Ahn So Hee also shared, “He was so comfortable with me every time I was nervous in Season 1,” explaining that Heo Joon Ho was a big help in developing her character.

Director Min Yeon Hong said of the excellent cast, “I am 200 percent satisfied with the cast. I was also very grateful at the time, so I loved and enjoyed working on the project. I remembered filming with such a good atmosphere on the set [back then], so it’s so nice and nice to be able to work together like that again [on the new season].”

“Missing: The Other Side 2” will premiere on December 19 at 8:50 p.m. KST. Check out the trailer for the new season here and another teaser here!

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