Goo Kyo Hwan may be coming to the big screen!

On December 29, a source from the actor’s agency Namoo Actors shared, “Goo Kyo Hwan has been offered to star in director Won Shin Yeon’s new film ‘Finding the King’ (literal title) and is giving positive reviews.”

Finding the King” is about a boy who meets a giant robot during one of the most tragic times in modern Korean history, and through their encounter tells a story of finding laughter, happiness and justice that were lost. JTBC News reported that Yoo Jae Myung also stars alongside Goo Kyo Hwan in the film.

Goo Kyo Hwan won the hearts of viewers through his stellar performances in various works, including “D.P.”, “Monstrous”, and “Escape from Mogadishu“. Earlier this year, he won the Rookie of the Year award at the first ever Blue Dragon Series Awards and continues to amaze audiences around the world with his amazing acting skills.

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