Upcoming sequel ‘Veteran‘ has confirmed its cast!

In 2015, the hit movie “Veteran” was confirmed to be getting a sequel after it garnered over 13.41 million viewers.

The Veteran is directed by director Ryu Seung Wan of The Battleship Island, Escape from Mogadishu and others, which follows the story of a veteran investigative team chasing down an arrogant third-generation chaebol. The first movie starred Hwang Jung Min, Yoo Ah In, Yoo Hae Jin, Oh Dal Soo and more.

The sequel will also be produced by director Ryu Seung Wan, joined by original actors Hwang Jung Min, Oh Dal Soo, Jang Yoon Joo, Oh Dae Hwan, and Kim Shi Hoo. Jung Hae In, who was revealed to be in talks for the film this summer, has also been confirmed to appear.

After delivering a string of strong performances in such works as “The Spy Gone North,” “Hostage: Missing Celebrity,” and “Narco-Saints,” Hwang Jung Min will reprise his role as Detective Seo Do Chul. Now with even more experience under his belt, Seo Do Chul will thrive in his role as a seasoned veteran and deliver even more exciting action alongside his long-time collaborators on the investigation team.

Also reprising their roles are Oh Dal Soo as Team Leader Oh, Jang Yoon Yoo as Detective Bong, Oh Dae Hwan as Detective Wang, and Kim Shi Hoo as Detective Yoon.

Jung Hae In, who recently starred in “Tune in for Love,” “Connect,” and “D.P.”, will be newly joining the cast as Detective Park Sun Woo, the youngest member of the investigation team. As a newcomer to this veteran team, Jung Hae In will add new tension and fun to the film through his role as Park Sun Woo.

On November 24, the cast and crew gathered for a script reading where they demonstrated their passionate determination and ambition. Director Ryu Seung Wan said, “I want to show stronger tension and a different kind of excitement than the first movie. Now that we’ve gathered in one place with all the staff and actors that I can trust and rely on to work together, I’m even happier and together we’ll do our best.”

Hwang Jung Min added, “I am excited and happy to meet the ‘veteran’ team I have worked with as well as our new family members. This time too, the cast and crew will pour energy together and shoot diligently to greet you with a good film.”

“Veteran 2” will begin shooting later this month.

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