New photos of Hyun Bin looking cool and collected in his upcoming movie “The Point Men” (working title) have been released!

“The Point Men” tells the story that takes place during a negotiation operation between a diplomat and a local National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent heading to Afghanistan to rescue South Korean citizens who have been kidnapped and are being held hostage by the Taliban. This is Hyun Bin’s first movie to be released since he and his wife welcomed their first child.

Hyun Bin will play Park Dae Sik, an NIS agent who specializes in the Middle East and Central Asia. He left Korea a long time ago and still lives with the trauma he suffered when he failed to rescue a hostage during the Iraq situation in the past. Park Dae Sik felt that his superiors were only using him as a tool, so he was on the verge of quitting his job when he learned about the hostage situation of South Korean citizens in Afghanistan. Leaving behind the disappointment he felt from his job, he went to Afghanistan to rescue the hostages.

With the intention of saving the hostages by any means possible and using methods that will be optimized for the local area, Park Dae Sik comes to face Jung Jae Ho (Hwang Jung Min), a diplomat who specializes in negotiations and who presents many principles and procedures. Viewers can look forward to seeing Hyun Bin portray his character, who comes to overcome his past traumas and grow as a person. Moviegoers can also look forward to plenty of action scenes that won’t shy away from truly portraying the seriousness of the situation, and will see Hyun Bin in a new look with disheveled hair and even a beard to really bring his character and setting to life.

The newly released photos give a glimpse into the world of this nerve-wracking story, where Park Dae Sik confidently walks around the campus, wearing sunglasses and looking like he’s there with one goal in mind: to save the people of his country. Another picture shows him sitting in a truck, looking quite pensive as he stares out at the desert in front of him.

Regarding his role as Park Dae Sik, Hyun Bin commented, “I tried to portray the pain of the character struggling with past traumas, the urgency of the surgery, and his harsh background in layers to make it more attractive.”

“The Point Men” hits theaters on January 18. Check out the trailer below!

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