New photos featuring Im Siwan for the drama ‘Summer Strike’ have been released!

“Summer Strike” is an upcoming Genie TV original drama based on the popular webtoon. The romantic story is about people who decide to leave their current lifestyle in the busy city and move to the idleness of a small town where they can finally find themselves. The story revolves around Lee Yeo Reum (AOA’s Seolhyun), a 28-year-old woman who voluntarily lives a life of unemployment in order to live in the small town of Angok, and Ahn Dae Bum (Im Siwan), a shy and reserved man who works as a librarian in Angoku.

The new photos show Ahn Dae Bum in the simple everyday life he has created for himself in a small seaside village as he works in a library with a soft and passive expression. He has an air of innocence and calm about him that would undoubtedly fool anyone into thinking he has found peace in his life. However, beneath Ahn Dae Bum’s shy and timid exterior are his own stories and secrets, leaving viewers to guess what exactly brought him to this unknown corner of the country.

The first episode of “Summer Strike” is set to air sometime in November!

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