IU and Lee Jong Suk shared warm letters for their fans!

After their relationship was confirmed on December 31, the two stars took to each of their fan cafes with sweet letters.

IU’s letter reads as follows:

Hello UAENA (IU’s fan club name)!

Are you all asleep at this time? I wonder where you spent the end of 2022 and if you might have had a little confusion on the last day of the year because of me, today I come to greet the new year along with my gratitude and apologetic feelings.

Those who have seen the articles today must know, but I am dating at the moment. I think our UAENA who are always worried about me and wondering how I’m doing must have been really surprised so I’m very careful about that but yes.. it happened!

He has been a colleague for a long time and we build positive feelings by relying on each other.

He is a reliable and sweet person who has supported me for a long time, always telling me that I am amazing and sending me sincere support.

Since UAENA always watches over me the most carefully, I think you must feel that I am at a time when I am emotionally well and doing well. Along with that, I think one of the reasons why my pride and passion for work grows even more these days is because I have a good friend who praises me closely for a long time.

Now that you’ve all found out, we’re going to date each other quietly and beautifully so as not to disturb my fans…!

Sorry to surprise you, but I am so sorry and grateful to UAENA who kept congratulating me and asking how I am first.

I didn’t even write much, but I had to think about each word for a long time while writing, because the new year has already arrived. I started writing in 2022, but it’s already 2023.

Happy New Year everyone. In 2022, which became last year, I was so happy to meet you for the first time in a while and see you up close. I will never forget those overwhelmingly happy moments.

I sincerely thank you for having fun with me and being the closest to me for another year! This year I will run forward without being lazy! i will do well

Happy New Year once again, UAENA. When you wake up from your deep sleep, it will be a new year. Sleep well. I love you.

Here is Lee Jong Suk’s letter:

Hello. This is Lee Jong Suk.

After receiving the big award, I was not able to share a separate thank you message to the fans, so I am sharing this letter belatedly.

I’m writing here for the first time after a long time..

I’m so sorry to surprise you at the end of the year. Thank you to the fans who shouted and cheered for me at the Drama Awards so that I don’t lose faith.

I really wanted to tell you all that I am so grateful to my fans who send me constant love and support, which I still miss a lot and am still ashamed of even though I have gotten older.

I forgot these important words because I was more nervous when I spoke. My apologies and thanks again.

And you must have been really surprised after seeing yesterday’s articles.. About that friend from today’s articles.

We first met when I was in my early 20s and it was way beyond puppy love, but I regretted that it couldn’t be achieved.

We were friends for a long time and now it turned out like this.

Um…I want to explain it well..

How should I put it… Even though I worked hard and lived my own way, it was a strange existence that always took a corner of my heart. I think my fans will understand if I say that she was like Kang Dan I (a character in “Romance is a Bonus Book”) to me.

He is a wonderful person who helps me with my journey and worries about life as a friend, he is someone I can rely on, he is younger but sometimes he feels older and he is like an adult, but also someone I want to protect.

She makes me be a better person now.

I have to introduce her well, but it’s also my first time, so I’m afraid the fans might have been really surprised and maybe a little upset.

I hope you will follow us warmly.

I was so grateful for the love and support you sent me during this year of so much happening and I was so happy to see each other again. Happy new year and love you always.

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