The cast of ‘Brain Works‘ teases their electric chemistry and personalities in a new poster!

KBS2’s “Brain Works” is a brain science comedy-mystery drama about two men who can’t stand each other but must work together to solve a crime involving a rare brain disease. CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa will play Shin Ha Ru, a brain scientist who has a very “extraordinary brain” that has everything but humanity. Cha Tae Hyun plays Geum Myung Se, a very kind and considerate detective with an “altruistic brain”.

The group poster shows the unique characteristics of Shin Ha Ru, Geum Myung Se, Seol So Jung (Kwak Sun Young), Kim Mo Ran (Ye Ji Won), Hwang Dong Woo (Jung Dong Hwan), Kim Gil Joong (Woo Hyun), Shin Ji Hyung (Kim Soo Jin) and Park Chi Guk (Im Chul Hyung) posing in the shape of lightning.

Rumored to have an extraordinary brain, Shin Ha Ru rocks a sleek and modern black suit while looking dignified as a world-renowned neuroscientist. Detective Geum Myung Se looks incredibly confused with his altruistic brain, leaving viewers wondering what happened to him.

Seol So Jung is a forensic hypnosis investigator with a timid brain. Holding on to her signature round glasses, she looks as eager and determined as a classic model. Geum Myung Se’s ex-wife Kim Mo Ran, whose brain is overflowing with excessive sexual desire, poses for the camera in extravagant clothes. In his prison uniform, neurosurgeon Hwang Dong Woo has a deep gaze and an unreadable expression on his face.

Sensitive and emotional neuroscientist team leader Kim Gil Joong is a man currently going through andropause. With an angry expression and mouth wide open, Kim Gil Joong looks like he’s scolding someone as he proudly carries an official police ID. Shin Ji Hyung is Shin Ha Ru’s only blood relative who has a “middle-aged brain”. Her bold eyes and gentle smile capture the character’s simultaneously cold yet warm aura. Park Chi Guk, head of the Brain Science Research Center, is excellent at observing people’s psychology using his “political brain”. With a big smile, he holds out his hand, raising questions about his intentions.

The producers of “Brain Works” commented, “In the group poster, we wanted to present the traits and personalities of the characters [played by] Jung Yong Hwa, Cha Tae Hyun, Kwak Sun Young, Ye Ji Won, Jung Dong Hwan, Woo Hyun, Kim Soo Jin, and Im Chul Hyung. We ask that you really look forward to ‘Brain Works’, which captures the laughter and various chemical reactions that eight characters with different brains will bring, as well as a thrilling story.”

KBS2 “Brain Works” will premiere on January 2, 2023 at 9:50 PM. You can watch the trailer here!

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