A new “Kokdu: Season of Deity” poster has just been revealed!

“Kokdu: Season of Deity” is a fantasy romance that tells the story of a grim reaper named Kokdu (Kim Jung Hyun) who comes to this world to punish people every 99 years. Kokdu meets Han Gye Jeol (Im Soo Hyang), a doctor with mysterious powers, and starts working as a visiting doctor.

The latest poster shows Kokda and Han Gye Jeol standing close to each other on a lush summer night. It’s a little strange to see Kokda hugging Han Gyeo Jeol so when the two come from such different places. He is a mortal who is supposed to lead people to the afterlife, while she is a mere human. But there’s something almost soft between them, and viewers may wonder what season is in store for these two.

Along with both characters, the shocking sight of white snow in the middle of the summer scene will attract the audience’s attention. The relationship between Kokdu and Han Gye Jeol has transcended many seasons and feels almost like a miracle, much like snow in the middle of summer.

“Kokdu: Season of Deity” will premiere on January 27 at 9:50 PM. KST.

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