Business Proposal star Kim Min Kyu has announced his plan to enlist in the military.

On November 25, Kim Min Kyu’s agency Happy Tribe Entertainment confirmed that the actor plans to enlist before the premiere of his upcoming drama “Holy Idol” (literal translation).

“His starting date has not yet been determined,” the agency explained. “But since it’s now time for him to enlist, he’ll be pre-recording his press conference [for the drama].”

Earlier in the day, the producers of “Holy Idol” announced that due to Kim Min Kyu’s upcoming military deployment, the drama’s press conference will be pre-recorded.

Kim Min Kyu is currently set to turn 28 on December 25 (the maximum age most South Korean men can wait to complete their mandatory military service). for his upcoming enlistment.

Meanwhile, Kim Min Kyu’s new fantasy romance drama “Holy Idol” is set to premiere in the first half of 2023.

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