Upcoming TVING drama “Island” shares a new look at Kim Nam Gil in his lead role!

Based on the hit website of the same name, “Island” is a fantasy drama about a dark secret hidden on the beautiful island of Jeju – and the people who are destined to fight against the evil forces that seek to destroy the world.

Kim Nam Gil stars as Pan, an immortal monster hunter who has been protecting the world from evil demons for thousands of years. Lee Da Hee will play Mi Ho, a chaebol heiress who has a powerful power she doesn’t know about, while ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo will play a young exorcist priest known as John.

Described as both human and monster at the same time, Pan has endured millennia on his own to slay evil demons trying to enter the human world through Jeju Island. One photo captures the hunter in the middle of a tense fight with a murderous look and confident smirk at the same time, while another shows him clutching his weapon with an intense look of determination.

The producers of “Island” commented, “From the first shoot, Kim Nam Gil brought the character of Pan to life not only through detailed character analysis, but also with a three-dimensional performance in which he completely lost himself in the role. . Please look forward to the appearance of actor Kim Nam Gil, who will lead the story and be at the center of it.”

“Island” will premiere on December 30. Check out the trailer for the drama here!

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