Upcoming SBS Friday-Saturday drama “The First Responders” has dropped the character posters!

Starring Kim Rae Won, Son Ho Jun, and Gong Seung Yeon, “The First Responders” is a drama about members of the police, fire department, and emergency services who come together to help their city as much as they can. The drama underscores the teamwork that these three departments work hard to maintain, and the star-studded cast keeps viewers on edge in anticipation of seeing this story come to life.

In the poster, Kim Rae Won, who portrays Inspector Jin Ho Gae of the 8th Investigation Team of the Taewon Police Station, shows off his confidence as a detective with the record for the highest arrest rate. On Jin Ho Gae’s left side, whose eyes shine intensely, his motto: “Once I bite, I’ll catch it no matter what,” as well as his nicknames: “Jindo dog, crazy dog, mutt, etc..,” multiply the charms of the geek detective.

Son Ho Jun, who plays the role of fireman Bong Do Jin at the Taewon Fire Station, expresses his deep perseverance with a fearless and strong expression. Bong Do Jin’s outfit with a bold pose and a text that reads, “Firemen are non-flammable, so we won’t catch fire,” heighten the audience’s curiosity about his performance at the fire scene.

Gong Seung Yeon, who turns into Paramedic Song Seol at the Taewon Fire Station, shows off her extraordinary passion while holding a walkie-talkie in a paramedic suit. Taking a firm stance with a gentle expression, Song Seol captures the strong mindset of a paramedic who can’t escape even a small wound. Additionally, a text that reads: “I promise! I get to work on time and keep the work alive,” describes Song Seol’s determination to arrive at the scene of the accident quickly.

The production team commented, “The characters in the posters capture the individual charms of policeman Jin Ho Gae, firefighter Bong Do Jin, and paramedic Song Seol, whose hearts beat for the good of others. In The First Responders, the synergy between the three will be explosive.

“The First Responders” premieres Nov. 12 at 10 p.m. KST.

Watch Teaser Below:

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