Sports anchor Lee Dong Geun and former Queen B’Z member Juha are getting married!

On December 2nd, Lee Dong Geun took to Instagram to formally announce the happy news that he and Juha are getting married.

In addition to sharing a beautiful photo from their wedding shoot, the sportscaster posted the following message:

I am getting married.

I consider the profession of a sports presenter a blessing and at the same time my pride. I found someone who was able to love my work, face, voice, height, broad shoulders and so on.

After meeting the beautiful and considerate Juha, I became physically and emotionally healthier. I got engaged to marry someone who came into my life as a gift.

I am honored to share our happiness with all of you. My hands tremble with every letter [of this message] that I write.

There are many people who have already congratulated us. Thank you for cheering us both on this beautiful journey.

Sincerely, Lee Dong Geun and Kim Juha

Lee Dong Geun is a sports anchor for KBS N Sports, while Juha, who previously debuted as a member of the girl group Queen B’Z, currently runs her own pilates.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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