tvN has released the poster and trailer for their upcoming revenge drama “Pandora: Under Paradise”!

TV’s “Pandora: Beneath the Paradise” follows the revenge story of a woman who seeks the truth behind her past after losing her memory and realizing that her perfect life was orchestrated as part of someone’s grand plan. The drama was created by Kim Soon Ok, writer of the hit series “The Penthouse” and directed by director Choi Young Hoon, who recently worked with Lee Sang Yoon on the hit SBS drama “One the Woman.”

The poster shows Hong Tae Ra (Lee Ji Ah) staring somewhere with angry and angry eyes. The gun in her hand and the bloodstains on her white dress make one wonder if they mean retribution for those who arbitrarily manipulated her life.

In the first teaser, which was released along with the poster, Hong Tae Ra and Pyo Jae Hyun (Lee Sang Yoon) are enjoying a party in a banquet hall while receiving applause and cheers from the crowd. Tae Ra and Jae Hyun gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes and enjoy a happy moment together until someone bumps into a bottle of champagne. Tae Ra drops her earring as she looks back as if to indicate the crisis that is about to unfold.

Then the text “My perfect life was someone’s plan” appears on the screen and the luxurious banquet hall turns into a place of darkness. Tae Ra looks confused as she stands alone under the dim light in an unfamiliar place. Anticipation is high as to what danger lies behind her lost memories and what disaster the Pandora’s box of her memories will bring.

Check out the trailer below!

“Pandora: Beneath the Paradise” premieres on March 11. Stay tuned!

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