Starring Kim Young Kwang and Lee Sung Kyung, “Call It Love” has dropped character photos and release date!

The new Disney+ original drama “Call It Love” depicts a sentimental romance between Woo Joo, a woman who bravely takes revenge, which does not fit her innate personality very well, and Dong Jin, a man who is too poor to be the target of her revenge .

The photos capture special moments of characters deeply immersed in their own stories, heightening the anticipation of the drama.

Lee Sung Kyung, who has shown great acting skills and chemistry with her co-stars in dramas like “Sh**ting Stars,” “Dr. Romantic 2” and “Weightlifting Fairy, Kim Bok Joo” will take on the role of Shim Woo Joo, who dreams of revenge. Shim Woo Joo deliberately approaches Han Dong Jin to get revenge on him, but has mixed feelings when she discovers that Han Dong Jin is different than she expected. Lee Sung Kyung is expected to portray her character’s complicated emotions perfectly, heralding the birth of another great character in her acting career.

Kim Young Kwang, who has starred in various projects including the dramas “Somebody” and “Hello, Me!” as well as the films “On Your Wedding Day” and “Mission Possible,” will play the role of Han Dong Jin, the CEO of Choiseon Fairs. Kim Young Kwang is expected to show his different side by portraying the complexities of a lonely character.

Sung Joon, who boasts a diverse filmography including the dramas “Island” and “Discovery of Love” and the movie “The Grotesque Mansion,” will show off his solid acting skills by taking on the role of Shim Woo Jo’s friend Yoon Joon, who deeply which no one knows about.

Hani, who impressed in the dramas “Hit the Spot” and “You Raise Me Up” as well as the movie “Young Adult Matters,” will play Kang Min Young, Han Dong Jin’s ex-girlfriend who wants to get back at him.

Last but not least, Kim Ye Won, who has showcased her fine acting skills through dramas like “You Are My Spring” and “Cheat On Me, If You Can,” is expected to add excitement to the story by portraying the role of Shim. Hye Sung, Shim Woo Joo’s older sister who wanders in search of true love.

Director Lee Kwang Young commented, “True love stories will unfold and touch [viewers’] hearts, heralding a special drama that everyone can relate to.

“Call It Love” will be released on February 22, 2023. Stay tuned!

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