Virtual idol survival show “GIRL’S RE:VERSE” has announced the departure of Olivia Hye due to health reasons.

All 30 contestants in “GIRL’S RE:VERSE” are real K-pop girl group members who hide their names, faces and real identities to compete as new virtual characters under different aliases. The true identities of the contestants are not revealed until they are eliminated, but Olivia Hye was speculated to be the “Chonky Cat” contestant, which has now been confirmed.

Earlier on January 20, “GIRL’S RE:VERSE” announced via social media, “Due to health reasons, Chonky Cat will regretfully stop her tour on W and return to her hometown on Cat Star. Thanks to Chonky Cat for doing their best so far and we ask for a lot of support for the future of Chonky Cat.

LOONA’s Olivia Hye is currently embroiled in a legal dispute with BlockBerryCreative, the group’s nine-member group LOONA (HeeJin, HaSeul, YeoJin, Kim Lip, JinSoul, Choerry, Yves, Go Won, and Olivia Hye), except for Chua (who was removed from group in November), HyunJin and Vivi, who filed a court order to suspend their contracts last November.

The agency initially denied the claims, but earlier this month it was announced that of those nine injunctions, four members won their lawsuits, while five lost. Olivia Hye is one of five members whose contracts have gone through the previous provisions and therefore have not yet been deemed suitable for suspension. While BlockBerryCreative shared that they will release a statement regarding the news at a later date, they have yet to do so.

Get well soon!

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