Jungkook of BTS received the 2022 MelOn Music Awards plaque for his outstanding artistry and great artistic impact.

Jungkook’s MMA Plaque Award, engraved with the title “Eternal Artist Award / Forever Artist Award” (영원한 아이스상), was delivered to him, as confirmed by the official account of MelOn, South Korea’s largest music streaming platform.

Voting for the Plaque Award took place last month in October, in which only the top 10 artists with the highest number of votes would receive the Plaque Award from MMA 2022. JungKook accumulated a total of 62,188 votes in the Top 7 ranking.

Jungkook’s ‘Eternal Artist’ award was picked from his recent speech at The Fact Music Awards 2022. ‘We will work hard to become your Eternal Artists’.

Since his debut, he has always mentioned that he wants to be a singer forever and a singer that everyone can be proud of.

Once the news broke that Jungkook had won the Eternal Plaque Award, the K-pop community, especially ARMYs, started celebrating the win. Many fans came forward to comment on his passion for music and that he truly deserves the award.

In addition to winning the golden maknae in MMA, it was reported that Jimin won the Best Lead Dancer Award while V won the Proud Singer Award. Additionally, BTS won the DAESANG Grand Prize for Record of the Year at the 2022 Melon Music Awards (MMA), leading ARMY to congratulate them on their respective wins.


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