NCT 127 is coming to you with a New Year’s performance on CNN!

NCT 127 will appear on CNN’s “New Year Live” on December 31st (local time) as artists introducing K-pop to audiences around the world. Through an interview with CNN anchor Kristie Lu Stout, the group looks back on their activities throughout 2022 and shares more about their plans for the year ahead.

“New Year’s Eve Live” is an annual New Year’s Eve special live show hosted by CNN and CNN International that has been loved by many as one of the iconic New Year’s Eve specials since its inception in 2001. This year, the specials will be held in major cities around the world, including Asia , Africa, Europe, South America and the United States, and of course will feature interviews with celebrities from around the world.

In addition to NCT 127, the special show that will ring in the new year for viewers will include professional soccer player Wayne Rooney, Hollywood actress Geena Davis, British actor Theo James, popular DJ Steve Aoki, famous artist Kusama Yayoi and many more.

Are you excited to welcome 2023 together with NCT 127?

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