It’s not the first time he’s called out fans for dangerous behavior.

NCT DREAM’s Jaemin recently took to social media to address the mobbing situation that occurred when the group landed in Korea.

Recently, NCT DREAM completed the Japanese leg of their The Dream Show 2: In A Dream tour. The five-day concert tour is the first time the group has returned to Japan in over 2 years, and also the first time they toured outside of Korea as a seven-member group.

NCT DREAM’s first airport experience on this tour actually went viral in a positive way after the group jokingly decided to wear the exact same thing to celebrate their first flight together in seven years.

However, when the group returned to Korea after their last performance on December 1st, the crowd at the airport made it extremely difficult for them to leave. Videos shared by media organizations show how quickly the crowd was extremely crushed.

Renjun even had trouble getting into one of the group’s cars because fans were blocking the way.

Fans commented on how dangerous the situation could quickly become despite the group having bodyguards.

Can we PLEASE have some order at the airport? I don’t understand why it keeps getting worse…(Oh, and if this message doesn’t concern you, you can skip it.)


Fans praised Jaemin for calling out those causing trouble at the airport and hoped that the next time the group has a schedule, the crowds won’t be as bad.

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