Park Hae Jin, Park Sung Woong, and Lim Ji Yeon will star in the upcoming drama “National Death Penalty Vote” (literal title)!

On December 27, it was confirmed that the three actors will lead the new SBS drama. The “National Death Penalty Poll,” based on the popular Kakao site of the same name, asks “What is your idea of ​​justice?” and delves into the concept of a nationwide death penalty vote against vicious criminals who deftly manage to escape the blind spots of the law. The truth-seeking drama highlights the story of a character known as “Gae Tal” who carries out the death penalty depending on the results of the vote, as well as the police who pursue the justice proposed by Gae Tal.

Park Hae Jin will play Kim Moo Chan, the head of Team 1 of the Southern Provincial Police Agency’s Regional Investigation Unit. He is the youngest man to become the head of the regional investigation department in the shortest possible time, and he is likely to get any interesting case. Anticipation is already growing for Park Hae Jin’s dynamic and unique portrayal of Kim Moo Chan.

Warning: mention of sexual assault in the next paragraph.

Park Sung Woong will play Kwon Suk Joo, a longtime prisoner who turned himself in after personally killing the culprit who sexually assaulted his eight-year-old daughter. Once Korea’s most famous legal expert, he is still respected as a teacher and referred to as “Professor” in prison. Park Sung Woong will once again impress audiences on the small screen with his strong and overwhelming charisma.

Lim Ji Yeon will play Joo Hyun, a fifth-year lieutenant in the Cyber ​​Security Bureau of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. Joo Hyun was once the ace of the cyber investigation team after she was specially hired, but now everyone has learned that she is a nuisance who is constantly under fire. Having impressed in many genres, audiences are excited for Lim Ji Yeon’s next transformation.

The upcoming drama is set to premiere in 2023. Stay tuned for more updates!

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