SBS has revealed the main posters for their upcoming drama ‘Trolley’!

“Trolley” is a new mystery romantic drama about a politician’s wife who faces the biggest dilemma of her life after a secret she’s been hiding is unexpectedly revealed. With difficult choices and no right answer, the characters in “Trolley” will be thrown into a maelstrom of confusion and conflict.

Kim Hyun Joo will star in the drama as Kim Hye Joo, the wife of National Assembly member Nam Joong Do (Park Hee Soon). Kim Hye Joo runs a book restoration business, and because she wants to live a quiet, ordinary life, she chooses to stay out of the public eye despite being the wife of a politician. However, she gets into the biggest crisis of her life when, due to an unexpected event, a secret that she has been hiding for a long time comes to the surface.

Meanwhile, Nam Joong Do is visibly conflicted after his wife’s ancient secret is revealed. Nam Joong Do, a former lawyer who served several terms in the National Assembly, is an honest politician who works hard to represent the weakest members of society. Out of respect for his wife’s wishes, he has always kept his political career and Kim Hye Joo’s life separate—but his life takes an unexpected turn because of her well-kept secret.

“Trolley” will premiere on December 19 at 10 p.m. KST.

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