Park Ji Hoon from “Weak Hero Class 1” and Kim Jung Nan from “Reborn Rich” will be working together on a new movie!

On December 9, K-Star Global Ent confirmed the news, saying, “Park Ji Hoon and Kim Jung Nan will star in ‘Audrey‘ [literal title], which will heat up 2023.”

“Audrey” will be directed by director Lee Yeong Guk and is based on a past script the director wrote for a special drama titled “My Mom, Audrey.” “Audrey” will illustrate hope blooming like petals amidst the trials faced by a mother and her son who share a special bond. Park Ji Hoon and Kim Jung Nan are said to have already displayed perfect chemistry on set and looked like a true mother and son duo.

Park Ji Hoon will portray Kang Ki Hoon, who has a deep affection for his mother, and Kim Jung Nan will portray his mother Oh Mi Yeon, whose presence is the most beautiful in her son Kang Ki Hoon’s eyes.

Park Ji Hoon previously made a strong impression as the main character Yeon Si Eun in “Weak Hero Class 1”, a model student who is bullied for his top grades in school. After seeing how he successfully conveys strong and intense acting skills, the audience has high expectations to see Park Ji Hoon’s debut on the big screen.

Kim Jung Nan is currently playing Son Jung Rae, the wife of Soonyang Group’s eldest son in the ongoing JTBC drama “Reborn Rich.”

“Audrey” will air in 2023.

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