The upcoming film starring Park Sung Hoon, Kim So Eun, Song Jin Woo, Park Joo Hee, and Im Na Young has revealed its main poster!

“The Distributors” (literal title) is a crime thriller about a man whose secret is inadvertently “unlocked”. The film depicts how the photos and videos that people take unintentionally can ruin someone’s life in this modern society where people cannot get rid of their smartphones.

At the center of the poster is Do Yoo Bin (Park Sung Hoon) whose secrets are violently revealed due to a momentary mistake he makes. There are suspects in the case around him. Do Yoo Bin stares with a fixed expression after receiving an anonymous phone call from someone, making viewers wonder what secrets he is hiding. Meanwhile, Do Yoo Bin’s fiancee Im Sun Ae (Kim So Eun) looks at Do Yoo Bin with suspicious eyes, adding to the tension in the story.

A serious-looking Gong Sang Beom (Song Jin Woo) will work with Do Yoo Bin to find clues to find the video’s original distributor. Kim Da Eun (Lim Nayoung) who shows off her charm with an alluring expression as if she knows the secret of the case, which adds to the curiosity. Last but not least, Lee Sang Hee (Park Joo Hee) on the top left is full of passion in finding the truth behind the case.

The likeness of the real culprit, whose identity is shrouded in anonymity in cyberspace, is shown as a silhouette in a hoodie, foreshadowing the unpredictable development of the story. As suspicions grow, the text, which reads, “The secret of that day began to spread beyond the world,” foreshadows the consequences that follow when someone’s secret private life becomes known in anonymous cyberspace.

“The Dispersers” opens in theaters on November 23. Stay tuned!

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