VIXX’s Ravi’s agency has released a statement regarding his ongoing allegations of military-related corruption.

Earlier on January 12, it was reported that a group of brokers were arrested on corruption charges to avoid military service by referring their clients to a neurologist at a major hospital in Seoul and then giving them a false medical diagnosis of epilepsy to help them be exempt from military service or receive a lower military grade.

The brokers allegedly promoted themselves by saying that a famous idol rapper also used their services to successfully receive a 4th degree (inactive service) through them.

Reports claimed that the rapper pulled out of the variety show in May of last year due to his military deployment and then joined as a social worker in October. Following this, Ravi, who resigned from KBS2’s “2 Days & 1 Night” in May and joined the military as a public service worker in October, was named as the idol in question.

Ravi’s agency GROOVL1N has since released the following official statement.


This is GROOVL1N.

We would like to pass on our official statement regarding the news that came out today.

After receiving the report, we carefully check the truth of the situation.

It is right to make a statement as soon as possible, but since the issue is related to military duty, we think it is appropriate to find out the details first and then give a thorough explanation, so we are currently trying to find out the details. Furthermore, if there is a request for an investigation related to this case, [Ravi] will faithfully undertake it at any time.

More precise details will be given later in a separate announcement.

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