On December 18th, RM BTS appeared on the evening news program ‘KBS News 9’!

Talking about the release of his first solo album ‘Indigo’, RM shared, “I’m relatively more relaxed. He added, “When I work with BTS, my share is one-seventh, but the depth and density have increased because I have to work alone.”

Earlier this month, on December 13th, BTS member Jin enlisted in the military with a fond farewell from the members. RM commented, “Jin didn’t talk much. I think he had a lot on his mind, and when we went to [the training ground], he said, being the oldest member that he is, ‘I’ll come back safely. I’ll let you know what it’s like when you experience it for the first time.’

RM continued, “A lot has happened so far, both as a group and individually, and it’s like a chapter has passed. It was a moment that had to come, and because it was the moment we were waiting for, it was like we experienced a page turn in [the life of] BTS.”

The artist added, “I also have a complex mixture of feelings, but I’m calm and I think Jin is doing well at the training center, so I’m waiting [for his return] calmly and calmly.”

Due to military service members’ obligations, it is estimated that BTS will return as a whole group around 2025. In this regard, RM clarified, “Since the military service period is 18 months, we cannot physically do anything about it. However, there are many ARMIES in Korea and around the world who trust our team.”

RM concluded by sharing, “Our members aren’t really that into tattoos, but we all got the number ‘7’ tattooed on different parts of our bodies. It’s not long. It’s been about six months. With that in mind, while we can’t jump to conclusions, we will work very hard to get back together soon and show what only we can do.”

On December 2nd, RM released his first solo album ‘Indigo’ along with a music video for the title track ‘Wild Flower’. new solo album.  In addition to earning his highest solo entry to date on the Billboard 200, RM has entered numerous other Billboard charts with his new solo album.

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