Shinsegae has denied rumors that BIGBANG’s G-Dragon is dating chairman Lee Myung Hee’s granddaughter.

On January 9, Chinese media reported that G-Dragon was romantically involved with Lee Myung Hee’s granddaughter and that they went to see a concert together.

The following day, Shinsegae Group officially responded by categorically denying that there was any kind of romantic relationship between G-Dragon and the chaebol heiress.

Describing the report as “clear misinformation”, a spokesman for the conglomerate said: “It is completely false. As unsubstantiated speculative reports based on unconfirmed facts continue to exist, we have decided to make an official statement to clarify these falsehoods.”

“After talking it over with [granddaughter Lee Myung Hee] herself, she went to see the concert with a group of people and simply posted a photo she took [with G-Dragon] because she’s a fan,” they continued. “We ask that you refrain from publishing further baseless speculation [about this matter].”

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