Taeyang is getting ready to start activities with THEBLACKLABEL!

On December 26, the company issued the following statement:


Artist Taeyang has joined THEBLACKLABEL.

Producer Teddy and artist Taeyang have collaborated as producers and artists for a new beginning in THEBLACKLABEL after a long time based on mutual musical trust.

THEBLACKLABEL will give our full support to Taeyang to be more active in various music activities.

Please look forward to the musical synergy [Taeyang] achieves with THEBLACKLABEL.

Thank you.

YG Entertainment also shared the news and clarified, “The fact that Taeyang is a member of BIGBANG and part of the YG family does not change. We know that many are waiting for BIGBANG‘s activities, so we will work together on that.”

Also in response to reports that G-Dragon will remain with YG Entertainment, the company noted, “We are currently in discussions with G-Dragon and Daesung regarding contract renewals and the direction of their future activities.”

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