TXT has made a highly anticipated appearance at the 2022 American Music Awards (AMAs)!

On November 20 local time, the boy group walked the red carpet before the awards ceremony.

TXT members also shared a photo they took with American singer GAYLE when they reunited after meeting her at Lollapalooza.

While on the red carpet, TXT also participated in various interviews to express his thoughts.

Taehyun shared with Entertainment Tonight, “We’re super excited, but a little nervous.” Huening Kai added: “We are honored to be nominated [for this award].” TXT also excitedly shared that they wanted to take selfies with Stevie Wonder and Imagine Dragons at the awards show.

With Access Hollywood, Taehyun shared, “We’re just super grateful for the support and love from our fans,” adding that TXT will be back to perform in Los Angeles, hopefully with a bigger venue next time. He shared that they also wanted to perform at the AMAs in the future. When asked if they would like to switch styles with another member, Yeonjun shared that he wants to switch with Huening Kai, while Huening Kai wants to switch with Soobin. On the other hand, Soobin revealed that he wants to swap styles with Yeonjun, while Beomgyu shared that he likes Soobin’s jacket and shirt. Meanwhile, Taehyun shared that he would like to exchange styles with the interviewer.

In early October 2022, the AMAs announced that TXT was one of the nominees for the brand new Favorite K-Pop Artist category. The group is also currently preparing for their January comeback.

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