In 1990, traditionalist Dai Sijin mistakenly believed that her husband was cheating on her and launched a “battle” to defend her marriage over the coming month.

However, she discovered that her husband’s abnormality was caused by a failure in business and debt collection.

For the sake of the children, she forgave her husband and entered a new chapter in her life as an entrepreneur to pay off her husband’s debts.

In 2008, Chen Langing and her husband who were threatened with death in the maternity hospital department, clashed with the mothers of the previous generation because of conflicting ideas about parenting and through this “clash” regained an understanding of parent-child relationships.

In 2020, Lu Yuanfang found out she was pregnant after her divorce. During her month, facing the twin pressures of parenthood and career, Lu Yuanfang, who had always been independent, learned the meaning of helping each other and the meaning of “family”.

Three women, Dai Sijin, Chen Langing and Lu Yuantang, who were born in different times, reunite to discuss the true meaning of parenthood and raise a better next generation.



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