The young girl Lu Hui was born with severe facial blindness and is used to keeping her distance from people. On the first day of school, Long Chengzhou, an international exchange student at Decheng University, helped Lu Hui, who was suspected of plagiarism. However, Lu Hui since then acted as if she had never seen him before. With that, he swore that Lu Hui would fall under his spell, but he was moved by Lu Hui’s honesty and sincerity, optimism and kindness, and fell in love with her when he approached her first.

After discovering the secret of Lu Hui’s face blindness, he turns into a friend in shining armor to protect Lu Hui and tries to make the face blind Lu Hui remember himself. Unknowingly, he became a special person in Lu Hui’s eyes. As if it were a secret guidance of fate, the two who met long before they fell in love…


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