Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Kwang’s new drama just released a new poster and trailer to get viewers excited!

Call It Love” portrays a sentimental romantic story of two people who were never meant to meet. Lee Sung Kyung plays Shim Woo Joo, a woman who bravely takes revenge, which doesn’t quite fit her innate personality, while Kim Young Kwang portrays Han Dong Jin, a man who is too poor to be the target of her revenge. The drama also stars Sung Joon, Hani, and Kim Ye Won.

The latest poster comes after the drama’s first teaser was released, showing the five main characters in a very cozy setting. They all have big and bright smiles adorning their features. Scribbled above their heads are the words, “When love and life don’t go our way,” a surprisingly emotional sentiment that leaves viewers wondering what stories these five individuals are telling.

The newly released teaser begins with the narration, “The girl who even took her shoes back after they were stolen, her house was taken.” The clip then shows Shim Woo Joo determined to take revenge, as well as a glimpse into Han Dong Jin’s life, the man who will allegedly become the target of her revenge.

Check out the trailer for the drama below!

Stay tuned for the release of “Call It Love” on February 22nd! Check out another teaser here!

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