Netflix has released a cute pair of Kim Ok Bin and Yoo Tae Oh posters for “Love to Hate You” as well as interesting new character teasers!

“Love to Hate You” is a romantic comedy following the war romance between a woman who desperately hates losing to men and a man who is extremely suspicious of women, which starts their journey of healing together.

Kim Ok Bin plays Yeo Mi Ran, a lawyer who has been let down by men throughout her life, including her father, ex-boyfriend and co-worker. As someone who hates being told that women must be protected by men, Yeo Mi Ran is doing everything in her power to become stronger both physically and in her career.

When Yeo Mi Ran moves to a law firm that handles celebrity lawsuits, she meets top actor Nam Kang Ho, played by Yoo Tae Oh. Although he is regarded as the best romantic actor, Nam Kang Ho has developed an aversion to women due to his childhood trauma, which is why he prefers acting in action roles.

Despite their hesitation with the opposite sex, Yeo Mi Ran and Nam Kang Ho look happy in the sweet couple poster. However, their anxiety about love is captured in the poster’s caption, which reads: “Please don’t let me fall in love.

The new character trailers also delve deeper into the individual stories of Yeo Mi Ran and Nam Kang Ho as they come together in an unlikely romance. Yeo Mi Ran’s teaser opens with a display of her strength when someone she injures ends up hospitalized for six weeks. Her best friend Shin Na Eun (Go Won Hee) is shocked to see this on the news and immediately calls Yeo Mi Ran to ask in an irritated tone, “Your full-time job is to be a female gangster, right? And being a lawyer is your side gig?”

Once Nam Kang Ho understands Yeo Mi Ran’s aggressive tendencies, she explains herself by saying, “I am tough against the powerful and weak against the weak.”

This mindset carries over into Yeo Mi Ran’s love life as she firmly tells her friend that she must be suspicious of all men. He angrily says of Nam Kang Ho, “He’s a misogynist who thinks all women are prostitutes!” She describes her desire to find evidence and destroy his career, but then changes her mind. Her friend quickly understood Yeo Mi Ran’s ulterior motive and asked, “You have a goal, right?”

The deal that causes a shift in Yeo Mi Ran’s thinking is a contract that will give her 100 million won (approximately $81,300) in exchange for publicly dating Nam Kang Ho for three months. As this is the ultimate compromise of Yeo Mi Ran’s values, Shin Na Eun confiscates the contract, but Yeo Mi Ran only responds with a gleeful laugh.

Yeo Mi Ran and Nam Kang Ho’s real-life relationship takes a turn as news of their relationship becomes public, as they slowly fall in love with each other. She understands his charm as a top romantic actor, but remains confident in her ability not to be swayed by him.

Check out Kim Ok Bin’s character trailer here!

Nam Kang Ho’s teaser highlights his stardom and insane popularity. Although Nam Kang Ho is known as the “Kissing Master” and the “God of Romance”, Nam Kang Ho’s public image does not resonate with him when he says, “All romance writers are psychopaths.”

Working behind the scenes for Nam Kang Ho is Do Won Joon (Kim Ji Hoon), his best friend and agency executive who wants to see him succeed in work and love. After Do Won Joon proposed to Yeo Mi Ran to sign a contract and date Nam Kang Ho for three months, things apparently turned sour when he later described her as a “weird” and “crazy lawyer.”

Joining this wild mix is ​​Oh Se Na (Lee Joo Bin), a popular actress and Nam Kang Ho’s first love. When Oh Se Na is cast as the lead in Nam Kang Ho’s new project, she tries to rekindle their romance, but then reassures him, “Do you really think I’d go around telling people that your girlfriend is fake?” While initially appearing to support her, Oh Se Na is later shown close to tears when she witnesses Nam Kang Ho and Yeo Mi Ran hugging.

As Nam Kang Ho and Yeo Mi Ran’s contractual relationship continues, his feelings change as he comments, “Should I say, I feel like something has unfrozen now? Sensing his sincerity, Do Won Joon said frankly to Nam Kang Ho, “You don’t know if they will ever be a girl like this again. Hang in there Yeo Mi Ran.”

Check out Yoo Tae Oh’s teaser below!

To describe Yeo Mi Ran and Nam Kang Ho’s relationship, Yoo Tae Oh shared, “They hate each other because of misunderstanding and love each other because of honesty.” Plus, another romance blossoms between their best friends Shin Na Eun and Do Won Joon to add to the fun and chaos of the drama!

“Love to Hate You” will be released on February 10.

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