IVE won the first ever Daesang (Grand Prize) of their career at last night’s Melon Music Awards (MMA)!

 On November 26, IVE took home Song of the Year at the 2022 Melon Music Awards for their hit song “LOVE DIVE,” which dominated the charts for weeks after its release in April.

The win was an emotional moment for the up-and-coming girl group, who debuted less than a year ago — and all six members couldn’t hold back their tears as they accepted the award.

“It’s really a huge honor to be able to win New Artist of the Year and Best Song of the Year at the same time,” said frontwoman An Yu Jin, who repeatedly had to wipe away tears and pull herself together. during her acceptance speech.

After thanking their fans and their agency staff, An Yu Jin continued, “There’s something I really wanted to say. I think we could only win this award because we had all six members. Each of our members is so precious and I am so grateful for them. I love you. IVE will continue to work hard in the future, so please show us lots of love next year!”

Jang Won Young chimed in, “I can’t believe 2022 is already coming to an end. I hope that 2022 will remain a really special year for both our six members and everyone else, and we will try to become an artist worthy of this award. We will become an IVE that truly understands the weight and value of this award. Thank you.

” With this impressive achievement, IVE became the third fastest girl group in history to win their first Daesang, after miss A and 2NE1. It took IVE just 360 days to catch their first Daesang, beating Aespa’s record of 380 days from last year.

Including Best Song of the Year, IVE won a total of four awards at this year’s Melon Music Awards: the group also took home the awards for Best Group (Female), New Artist of the Year, and Top 10 Artist (Bonsang). 

Congratulations IVE! Check out the full list of this year’s Melon Music Award winners here, and watch a clip of their emotional first Daesang win below!

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