“Divorce Attorney Shin” has released its first teaser!

Based on a popular website, JTBC’s “Divorce Lawyer Shin” will tell the story of a talented divorce lawyer named Shin Sung Han (the literal title of the drama is “Shin Sung Han, Divorce,” with the word “shinsunghan” meaning “sacred” in Korean).

The drama’s first trailer focuses on the interesting story of Shin Sung Han, who changed his career path from art to law. While Shin Sung Han looks stylish and put together, he is actually very clumsy and carefree. His silly antics come to light as he confidently describes how he says, “Sexy…guy…who represents the court world? Hot man?”

As the trailer digs a little deeper into Shin Sung Han, someone quips, “His blood is artistic blood,” referring to his former career as a pianist. When someone teases that he must be popular with the ladies and asks if he’s single, Shin Sung Han nonchalantly replies, “I’ll take care of it myself.”

The next phase of the clip focuses on Shin Sung Han’s current work as a dedicated divorce lawyer. People question his career choices and ask, “You had good grades, so why this industry?” There are many more within this question, such as why Shin Sung Han left the piano and how he ended up becoming a divorce lawyer.

Against all odds, Shin Sung Han proves to be the right man for the job as he calmly works with all kinds of chaotic families. He knowingly asks someone, “Don’t you know the phrase ‘Happiness Begins at Home’? Later, he confidently adds: “This is no longer divorce mediation, we’re going to court. Don’t worry, we will win.”

Check out the trailer below!

“Divorce Lawyer Shin” premieres on March 4 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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