The official poster and amazing new trailer for the original thriller series “Connect” are now here!

The upcoming Disney+ original series “Connect” is a drama based on the website of the same name, which tells the story of a new race with an immortal body known as “Connect”. Connect Dong Soo (Jung Hae In) is kidnapped by organ hunters and loses one of his eyes. He later discovers that his lost eye has been transplanted to a serial killer who has caused massive upheaval in Korea, and begins to hunt him down.

The main poster features Dong Soo in the middle, looking into the camera with a piercing gaze. Notorious serial killer Jin Seop (Go Kyung Pyo) overlaps with Dong Soo, his own eyes cold and calculating, an eventual confrontation between the two is inevitable. Dong Soo’s sidekick Lee Rang (Kim Hye Joon), someone who knows the secret of Connect, is also present, the three of them connected by red tentacles that create a truly creepy and mysterious visual.

The words, “Whatever he sees, I see too,” add to the ominous and dark atmosphere, hinting at how Dong Soo is able to see what Jin Seop sees with the eye that was taken from him, making the audience even more interested. the world that is being built in this series.

Meanwhile, the tension has increased tenfold with the release of the official trailer, depicting Connect Dong Soo’s pursuit by serial killer Jin Seop. Viewers can witness the horror of JIn Seop decorating the bodies of those he murdered as works of art, as well as the mysterious phenomenon of Dong Soo being able to see through the eye he lost. Then there is the mysterious Lee Rang who appears in front of Dong Soo full of secrets. All of this is coupled with scenes of them being chased by the police and an organ-trafficking organization, giving viewers just a taste of the excitement to come.

Watch the full trailer here!

“Connect” will premiere this December on Disney+.

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