ENA has shared a new sneak peek of her upcoming drama “Can We Be Strangers”!

“Can We Be Strangers” is a new romantic drama about two divorce lawyers who marry after 10 years of dating only to divorce themselves. When they reunite as colleagues after their divorce, sparks fly at every turn. Kang Sora will star as star divorce lawyer Oh Ha Ra, who is known as the “Goddess of Litigation,” while Jang Seung Jo will portray his witty ex Goo Eun Beom, who is a talented lawyer himself.

The newly released trailer opens with a short but intense phrase, “I’m a divorce lawyer,” which immediately sums up Oh Ha Ra and Goo Eun Beom’s identity, and when some words are removed and changed, it reads, “I’m divorced too.” When Oh Ha Ra narrates in the background, “What is happiness?” the trailer gives viewers a glimpse of the former couple’s journey. The drama, which is described by the five key words fate, love, marriage, hate and separation, hints at the turbulent emotions of the two’s bittersweet past relationship as the moments when they first met and fell in love, until moments when the relationship gradually collapsed.

The messages at the end of the trailer are also profound as they read, “Happiness. Luck? please tell me Tell me what true love is. What is real department. What is true happiness.”

Check out the first teaser below!

“Can We Be Strangers” is set to premiere on January 18 at 9 p.m. KST.

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